What Are Some Popular BigBrainz Games?


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Some popular BigBrainz games include "Timez Attack" and its extension packs. "Timez Attack" is a popular game designed to help elementary-aged students learn and memorize basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each version of the game features gorgeous and detailed graphics.

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Each version of "Timez Attack" uses a specific math function as a way for a player to further his game play. The player needs to solve an addition problem to open a gate or a multiplication question to explore rocks in his way. In many cases, the player faces an obstacle that requires a quick answer for the player to survive and continue playing, such as a fire-breathing dragon or large rock rolling towards the player.

The multiple versions of "Timez Attack," the popular game by Big Brainz, include a variety of worlds for the players to enjoy. The worlds range from a jungle world filled with lush trees and pyramids to a futuristic world with silver machines. The design of each version of the game helps a child learn, memorize and retain his basic math skill while he plays an exciting and visually appealing game that challenges him to act quickly by solving a math problem.

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