What Are Some Popular African American Collectible Dolls?


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As of 2016, popular African-American collectible dolls include the 1967 Black Francie doll, the 1980 Black Barbie doll and the 2009 Black Barbie Reproduction doll. The 1967 Black Francie doll was the first African-American doll made by Mattel for the Barbie fashion doll line that it launched with the Barbie doll creator, Ruth Handler, in 1959. The Black Francie doll is very rare and difficult to find, as it was a limited edition doll.

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Mattel made two versions of the Black Francie doll in 1967. The first version has red hair, brown eyes and brown skin. The second version has dark brown hair, as well as darker brown eyes and a darker complexion than the first version of the doll.

The 1980 Black Barbie marks the first time Mattel produced a fashion doll by the name of "Barbie" as an African-American woman. This doll has a short Afro and is wearing a red dress with gold embellishments. The 2009 Black Barbie Reproduction is a reissue of this 1980 doll. It is part of Mattel's My Favorite Barbie doll collection, which consists of a series of reproductions of popular Barbie dolls that played a significant roll in Barbie doll history. Mattel dressed the reissued doll in a reproduction of the 1980 red dress and also included a reproduction of a white Barbie pantsuit from the 1980s beside the doll in its display box.

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