What Are Some of the Most Popular 1970 Topps Baseball Cards?


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According to Sports Collectors Daily, some of the most popular Topps baseball cards of the 1970s include the 1970 Topps Thurman Munson, the 1971 Topps Ernie Banks and the 1973 Topps Willie Mays. For many collectors, the end of the 1960s signified the end of the vintage era of collecting baseball cards. Few baseball cards from the 1970s have much value, unless they are graded or mint rookie cards.

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The 1970 Topps Thurman Munson rookie card never gained the respect of avid baseball card collectors because Munson never made it into the Hall of Fame, as a plane crash ended his career and life. However, books about his career have helped boost his image, and his card has gained a lot of value since it was released. Its far from the rarest Topps baseball card out there, but it has become a popular one.

Another card that is popular but not really worth a lot is the 1979 Topps Thurman Munson card. This was the last card that the Yankee captain was featured on before his untimely death. Sports Collectors Daily rates this card as undervalued. Although a popular card among Topps collectors, the reason for its low value is because the card is in plentiful supply.

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