What Is the Poptropica Island Game?


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The Poptropica Island game is a free online game for children between the ages of six and 15 that entails going on a quest through different islands. This is a role-playing game in which a new player must create an avatar or character that is customizable, but the character name is generated from a list that combines nouns and adjectives, such as "Shy Axe."

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Children can play this virtual world game at the Poptropica website. Players travel through a variety of islands with names, such as Red Dragon, Wild West and Big Nate. To finish getting through an island, players must solve problems or navigate through difficult obstacles. When players complete all the challenges or obstacles presented in their quests, they receive credits that are useful for buying costumes or gold cards.

A feature of the game is a tool called the "Customizer" that allows players to try on outfits used by characters in the game. Players can also buy more costumes with credits at the Poptropica Shop. Some other items players can buy in this store are special abilities and books.

Players can visit different multiplayer rooms called "Multiverses" to communicate with other players through a scripted chat. The environment is safe for children, according to the Poptropica website. The site is published by a division that is affiliated with the Pearson Company. The game was introduced in September 2007.

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