What Are Some Facts About Pony Creator Doll Divine?

What Are Some Facts About Pony Creator Doll Divine?

"MLP Pony Creator" is a game available on the Doll Divine website that allows players to create and customize their own pony in the style of the My Little Pony franchise. A player can customize her pony's height, color, tail, background and more.

Typing "Pony Creator" into the search bar in the upper right corner at the Doll Divine website brings up "Pony Creator." Once the games loads, click on Play Game to begin.

The game has three main tabs: Create, Accessorize and Pose. Under the Create tab, players choose the appearance of the body and hair of their pony. The Create section is split up into even smaller sections, including body, color, eye, mane and tail. Each section allows the player to change the style and color of her pony.

The Accessorize tab lets players add accessories to the head, body and legs of their ponies. Accessories include glasses, antlers, capes, bracelets and bows. The player can change the color of each accessory.

In the Pose tab, players can choose a pose for their pony. Ponies can be jumping, on their hind legs, sitting, bowing or standing. The player can give her pony a custom pose by clicking and dragging the pony's legs, head and body.

"Pony Creator" was created by GeneralZoi and is not officially affiliated with Hasbro, the owners of My Little Pony.