What Are Some Polly Pocket Toys?


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Some Polly Pocket toys are the Rock ‘n’ Roll Friendship Bag, the Wall Party Cafe, the Wall Party Tree House, the Drive ‘N Slide Car, the Zip ‘N Splash Doll Pack and the Zipline Adventure Pool Playset. The toy line focuses on pocket-sized dolls in a little world.

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Chris Wiggs invented Polly Pocket in 1983 by and first licensed and sold the product in 1989. Wiggs based his toy design on a makeup compact, as his goal was to create a toy small enough to fit in a pocket. The inventor's inspiration was his young daughter, Kate.

Bluebird Toys initially licensed Polly Pocket, and a few years later, Mattel started distributing the product. When Mattel acquired Bluebird Toys in 1998, Mattel made the toys slightly larger and more realistic. Mattel also introduced Polly Pocket clothes made out of a rubbery material. The company added magnetic hands and feet to enable the doll to stick to her world. The doll also has plastic clip-on clothes.

Polly Pocket toys and dolls are available individually or in sets. Besides Polly, other toy characters in the line include Shani, Lea, Rick, Lila and Steven. The Polly Pocket character also appears in numerous books and videos.

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