What Are Some Facts About Polly Pocket?


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Polly Pocket began in 1983 when Chris Wiggs decided to make little dolls for his daughter to play with. He decided to design them very small so that they could fit in a pocket and go anywhere. This meant that children could play with them when they were out with their parents, thus creating a fun way to entertain kids during trips to the grocery store or dentist.

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The brand was officially licensed with Bluebird Toys in 1989, and the brand became officially known as Polly Pocket. While the original idea included the tiny doll and her small, compact house, the brand expanded to include numerous accessories. Most of these changes came after Bluebird Toys was purchased by Mattel, which also changed Polly from a cartoon-like character into a more realistic figure to appeal to consumers who were interested in Barbie, the larger and more realistic doll. The toy then became known as Fashion Polly, and the accessories included a wide array of small pieces of clothing made out of a material similar to rubber. The most recent change to the toy line was when little magnets were placed in the doll's hands and feet so that she could hold different items and stand up on her own.

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