How Do You Polish Coins?


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Cleaning coins is a simple process and it only requires a few household items, which are soap, a towel, a plastic container and both distilled and tap water.

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Before cleaning a coin, it's important for a person to wash his hands to remove the oils and grit from his fingers. After that, he should lay down a soft towel to provide a space for the coins to dry.

Starting the process of cleaning coins requires making a small soap bath, which includes using warm tap water and soap, such as dish detergent. Only a small amount of detergent is necessary to clean a large batch of coins. A person should also create a final rinse bath, which is simply filled with distilled water, although hot tap water can serve as a substitute.

To clean a coin, a person must first immerse it into the soapy water and very gently rub both sides of the coin between his fingers. To avoid damaging the coins, it's wise to clean the coins one at a time. After a person has cleaned the coin, he then rinses it under running water and rubs it until the soap is gone. Finally, the person should move the coin around in the distilled water slowly or run the coin under hot water.

The final step to clean the coin is to allow it to dry. Note that a coin should never be rubbed dry, but patted dry with a cloth or tissue.

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