What Are Some Police Simulator Games?


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Some police simulator games include “Driving Force” and “Police Truck.” Both of these games have players taking on the role of a cop. These cop games and others are available on Awky.com and Muchgames.com.

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In “Driving Force,” players take on the role of a cop who is given a number of missions in which he has to run down dangerous bad guys using a modded police cruiser. Players move the police car left and right with the left and right arrow keys respectively. The up arrow controls the nitro, the S key turns on and off the siren and the Space bar fires a large mounted gun.

At the beginning of every mission in “Driving Force,” players get a backstory on the bad guy they are chasing down. Missions are broken up into two segments. The first involves the player chasing down the criminal, using the nitro. The second requires the player to shoot the enemy car while avoiding weapons. Before and after each mission, players see a short animated video.

In “Police Truck,” players have to escort aliens to a laboratory. Players use the arrow keys to control the speed and lean of the police truck. In the back of the truck are two caged aliens. The goal is to get the aliens to the end of the stage without letting them pop out of the back of the truck.

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