What Are Some Police Patrol Games?


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Some police patrol games that gamers can play include "Police Highway Patrol" and "Police Patrol Game – Cops N Robbers." "Police Highway Patrol" is available to play online for free, and "Police Patrol Game - Cops N Robbers" is playable on iOS devices.

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In "Police Highway Patrol," the player controls a police officer who has to run down criminals on the highway. On each stage, the player must chase and take down a certain number of criminals before moving on to the next stage. The player uses the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to control the car and brakes by using the space bar.

While running down criminals in "Police Highway Patrol," the player has to keep an eye out for other cars on the road. The player also needs to watch the life bar. Every time the player runs into another car, the life bar decreases. If the car breaks down before the player can run down all of the targets, the game is over.

In "Police Patrol Game – Cops N Robbers," the player controls a rookie police officer. The goal of the game is to help him progress in his career by completing various missions. The game gives the player the feeling of being in control thanks to its free-roaming gameplay mode. There is also a dispatcher mission mode that directs the player toward missions.

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