What Are Some Police Car Games for Kids?


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Some police car games for kids include "NYPD Police Car," "Police Pursuit" and "Midnight Thieves Catcher." The main objective of such games is to chase criminals in the streets and arrest them before the time is up. They teach kids how to make quick decisions and improve their thinking capacity.

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"NYPD Police Car" is an online computer game where the player is required to collect hearts in the streets and catch criminals during a police chase. The game ends when time is up, and the players have the option to start a new game to improve their scores.

In "Police Pursuit," players are required to patrol the town, identify and pursue criminals before the time is up. Players use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive the police car forward and steer it from left to right. To drift, players use the X key on the keyboard. The computer must have Adobe Shockwave Player pre-installed before launching this game.

"Midnight Thieves Catcher" is an eight-level game where the player has a reputation of being the best police driver in the squad. The player is required to chase criminals down the streets while collecting useful items the thieves drop as they escape.

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