What Are Pokmon Evolution Levels?


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Pok�mon evolution levels are levels to which players must train their Pok�mon so the Pok�mon can evolve. Pok�mon evolve most often by reaching a certain level, but they can also evolve through applying an elemental stone, trading via cable link or raising the Pok�mon's happiness level.

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Evolution is a key aspect in all the Pok�mon games. Evolving a Pok�mon has several advantages, including increasing the Pok�mon's strength, adding to its move pool and discovering new species that can only be obtained through evolution.

With each game added to the Pok�mon series, additional methods for evolving Pok�mon were introduced. In the original Red, Blue and Yellow series, Pok�mon evolved primarily when they reached a certain level of training, although occasionally they could evolve through application an elemental stone or trading via cable link. The Gold, Silver and Crystal series saw the introduction of a number of additional evolution methods, specifically happiness level and trading with a held item. Future games added even more variation to the evolution process, including evolution based on gender, time of day or whether certain moves are learned.

A complete list of all Pok�mon grouped by evolutionary chain is available at the Pok�mon Evolution Guide on the Pok�mon Database website. A list of evolutions that occur at certain levels is also available at the Pok�mon Database.

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