How Do You Get Pokemon Modifications for "Minecraft?"?


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Get modifications to "Minecraft" that add creatures from the "Pokémon" franchise by downloading packages from sites such as Pixelmon.net, MinecraftSix.com, ModsForMinecraft.com and Cnet.com. Each modification includes different instructions for installation, but all involve adding a new set of files to the main "Minecraft" folder on the computer.

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One of the most common "Pokémon" modifications for "Minecraft" is the Pixelmon Mod, which not only adds dozens of characters to the game that match the appearance of different Pokémon but includes gameplay modes similar to the actual "Pokémon" game series. For example, the modification adds wild Pokémon to the world and allows players to capture these Pokémon and use them to battle against other players. According to Pixelmon.net, the official site for the modification, you must download a special installer program to manage and add the modification to a local "Minecraft" installation.

Another "Pokémon" modification is the Pokemob Mod, which includes fewer Pokémon than the Pixelmon Mod but offers systems for measuring Pokémon experience and leveling as well as evolution. As certain Pokémon battle, they gain experience and evolve into new creatures. Similarly, the Minecraft Pokémon Ultimate Mod offers different Pokémon creatures as well as rules for handling the special abilities of each Pokémon.

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