How Does the Pokemon Honedge Evolve?


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The Pokemon Honedge evolves into the Pokemon Doublade once it levels up to level 35. All Pokemon species level up by gaining experience points that they earn by battling wild Pokemon and Pokemon by trainers. Pokemon that are trained yield more experience points than wild Pokemon.

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A Pokemon can also level up if it is given a Rare Candy or is left in a Day Care facility. However, Pokemon that are leveled up with a Rare Candy does not gain any experience points, which is essential in increasing its stat points to make it stronger. Pokemon that is left in a Day Care do gain experience points based on the number of steps the player takes. The player, though, has to pay the Day Care to withdraw the Pokemon that was left in the facility.

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon that was included in the roster of species in the 6th Generation of Pokemon video games. Also known as the "Sword Pokemon," Honedge is located in Palais Lane on Route 6 in Pokemon X/Y version. It has a total base stat of 325 with 45 HP, 80 Attack, 100 Defense, 35 Special Attack, 37 Special Defense and 28 Speed. Although it evolves into Doublade by leveling up to 35, it does not evolve into its next form in the same manner. To evolve Doublade into Aegislash, the Pokemon must be given the hold item Dusk Stone.

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