What Is the Pokemon Gold Vs. Red Battle?

The Pokémon Gold vs. Red battle refers to the final boss battle in the Gold and Silver Pokémon games. Gold refers to the player while Red is the final boss. The battle occurs first at the summit of Mount Silver, and again after the player defeats the Elite Four.

The battle between Red and Gold has a high difficulty level. Unlike other characters in the game, Red has a very well-rounded team of Pokémon that includes Pikachu, Snorlax, Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard and Espeon. He will start with Pikachu, which is the weakest of his Pokemon. If the player attempts to type match Pokémon to gain an advantage, Red will almost always switch his out. This increases the difficulty level significantly, unless the player is able to knock out Red's Pokémon in one hit.

Red's Pokémon are all well-trained and have moves that match their types. Pikachu, for example, knows two electric moves in addition to Charm and Quick Attack. This makes it easy for Red's Pokémon to get bonuses and makes them extra strong against others. When battling Pikachu, players should avoid sending out water or flying Pokémon. Instead, they should place a strong ground or steel Pokémon as their starter. The rest of the player's team should be well-rounded, and it should include a specific Pokémon to help defeat each of Red's Pokémon.