What Are Some Pokemon Games for Kids?


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Pokemon games for kids include a wide selection of board games, online games on the Pokemon website and games on Nintendo's handheld and console devices. The series also has a popular trading card game collection, and practically all of the titles are approved for young ages.

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The first Pokemon game came out in 1995 in Japan as Pocket Monsters before coming overseas to the United States. The main game series then came in pairs on Nintendo's handheld devices with a third, more refined version following soon after. Later examples include Pokemon X and Y, as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Some titles are considered classics, such as Pokemon Red, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Emerald. Popular spin-off video games, in addition, include Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stromy, Blazing, and Light Adventure Squads and Pokemon Rumble Blast.

Outside of video games, Pokemon has maintained a strong presence in the trading card realm since 1996. There are also alternate versions of popular games such as Monopoly, Uno and Sorry! that have Pokemon themes, as well as Pokemon Master Trainer, a unique board game. For free entertainment, Pokemon.com offers numerous kid-friendly games, such as Pokemon Pulse, Floette Float!, Chesnaught's Spiky Shield and Snover's Dessert Drop.

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