In "Pokemon Emerald," How Do You Use the Mystery Gift Feature?

To use the Mystery Gift feature in "Pokemon Emerald," move to and activate the clipboard found at any Poké Mart and enter the phrase "link together with all." The shopkeeper then informs you that the Mystery Gift system has been activated.

  1. Enter any Poké Mart and activate the clipboard

    Look around the Poké Mart to find the clipboard. Position the character to face the clipboard and press A to activate it.

  2. Enter the pass phrase

    A window titled "Questionnaire" appears. Enter one word of the pass phrase in each quadrant. In the upper left quadrant, enter the word "link." In the upper right, enter the word "together." Enter the word "with" in the lower left quadrant and the word "all" in the lower right. Once all the words appear in the window, click OK.

  3. Go to the title screen menu to access Mystery Gift

    The Mystery Gift system is accessible from the main title screen. Note that using the Mystery Gift system requires either a link cable or a Game Boy Advance wireless adapter, as you need one of these to connect to another Game Body Advance system.