What Are Some "Pokemon Emerald ROM" Cheats?

According to Super Cheats, there are no conventionally entered cheat codes for "Pokémon Emerald." However, the ROM of the game, when played in most conventional emulators, allows players to enter GameShark cheat codes to affect different parameters of the game. When entering the following cheat codes, be careful, as some of them can radically affect the game and even corrupt saved files.

To enter most of these codes, the Master Code must first be entered. Enter 9266FA6C97BD, 905B5ED35F81 and B76A68E5FAB1 at the code entry screen in order to enable the Master Code then try out some of these other cheats:

  • To enable the highly useful "No Random Battles" cheat, enter 32C96211F488. This allows the player to roam the game world without encountering any wild Pokémon.
  • For maximum money, enter C051CCF6 and 975E8dA1.
  • Another interesting, though highly unconventional, code allows the player to walk through walls. To enable this cheat, enter the following four codes: 7881A409, E2026E0C, C56CFACA and DC167904. This cheat allows access to many new areas of the game, but it can cause instability and crashes, so it's important to save the game frequently once the cheat is entered. Avoid using the spacebar to speed up the game after entering this cheat, which can cause the game to crash more frequently.