What Is the Best Pokemon Crystal Team?

Pokémon Crystal has a vast roster that allows the player to field a great team of Legendaries. One of the best mixtures to have would be Suicine, Entei, Raikou, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi, as these are all legendary Pokémon.

In competitive play in Pokémon Crystal, many of the legendary Pokémon are classed in the "Ubers" tier, which is the highest ranking possible. These Ubers include Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi. Suicine and Raikou are tiered in the "Overused" tier, which is one step below Ubers. Finally, Entei is ranked in the "Borderline" tier, which is a half-tier below Overused. With these powerhouses, a Pokemon player can create a formidable team.