In "Pokemon," What Is a Cover Fossil?


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A Cover Fossil is a type of fossil in the game Pokémon Black and White, which can be used to revive the Pokémon named Tirtouga. The Cover Fossil is found at Relic Castle and can be chosen instead of the Plume Fossil.

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When playing Pokémon Black and White, a backpacker appears at Relic Castle. The backpacker will give the player a choice of either collecting the Cover Fossil or the Plume Fossil. The Cover Fossil's appearance is very similar to a tortoise shell, and it can be used to bring back Tirtouga. Tirtouga is a water and rock type Pokémon that lived underwater during the ancient times. To bring the Tirtouga back to life the players must go to the Nacrene Museum. The Cover Fossils can be purchased for 1,000 Pokémon dollars and can be sold for 500 Pokémon dollars.

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