What Is a Pokemon Booster Pack?


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A Pokemon booster pack gives the player additional cards for collecting purposes, to be used in a competitive deck or to be traded. Each booster pack contains cards varying in rarity, and can be distinguished by certain symbols.

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Specific classifications of rarities include common cards, uncommon cards and rare cards. Each pack contains anywhere from 9-11 cards, depending on the set. In each pack, there are generally three uncommon cards, one rare card and the rest are commons. The rare card has different levels of rarity and can be holographic, or super rare. In modern times, the super rare cards are holographic and are the hardest to find.

Pokemon booster packs are expansions in The Pokemon Trading Card Game, and have been in production since 1998. The inspiration for the card game spawned from the Pokemon video games, which have gained a massive following since they were launched. Besides the Pokemon creature cards, there are other card types including Trainer cards and Energy cards. Energy cards are an essential part to The Pokemon Trading Card Game and fuel the Pokemon's attacks. Trainer cards aid the player in numerous tasks such as healing Pokemon and drawing extra cards to use during play.

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