What is a "Pokemon Black" Move Deleter?


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The Move Deleter is a character featured in all generations of "Pok��mon" games, including Black and White, who deletes nearly any move that a Pok��mon has learned. The Move Deleter is the only way for a Pok��mon to forget a Hidden Machine move.

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The Move Deleter in "Pok��mon Black" and "Pok��mon White" is located in Mistralton City in the house east of the Pok��mon center. The Move Deleter can come in handy for various reasons in the Pok��mon game series. For instance, when trading Pok��mon in Black and White, the Pok��mon cannot know any Hidden Machine moves. The Move Deleter's counterpart is the Move Reminder, which can teach a Pok��mon any move it would have learned at a level up.

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