What Does a Pok?mon Fusion Creator Do?


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A Pok?mon Fusion creator fuses the body, color and name of two Pok?mon to create a brand new character. The automated creator takes the shape and body of the first selected Pok?mon and combines it with the face and color of the second selected Pok?mon.

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Pok?mon Fusion creators are sometimes referred to as Pok?mon Fusion generators. The first such generator was created by web developer Alex Onsager on Aug. 8, 2010. Generators are an outgrowth of Pok?mon Fusion, which is fan art that splices two or more Pok?mon characters together to create a new hybrid. While generators don't create pictures as detailed as the art created by most fans, they offer a quick way to see what Pok?mon may look like if they are spliced together.

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