How Do You Find the Pok?mon Emerald Mirage Tower?

The Mirage Tower in Pok?mon Emerald is in Hoenn along Route 111. It randomly appears when the player enters the route. However, the tower does not appear until the player has been told about it by the Ruin Maniac in Fallarbor Town.

Once the player learns of the existence of the tower from the Ruin Maniac, she may need to enter and leave the desert stretch of Route 111 several times before the tower appears. The exact location of the tower is just slightly northeast of the central entrance to the desert area, east of the path that leads to Route 112. The tower is a tall stone structure that consists of four floors.

The Go-Goggles are necessary to enter the desert area where the Mirage Tower is. These are obtained automatically after winning the Heat Badge in Lavaridge Town. Once inside the Mirage Tower, players will also need the Mach Bike to get to the top, as crumbling floors block the way. The Mach Bike is obtained from Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City. The Rock Smash ability is also useful inside the tower to remove rocks that block some of the paths. Water Pok?mon are the most effective type for taking on the Pok?mon found in the tower.