How Are Points Scored in Darts?


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To score points in darts, a player must hit any of the numbered portions on the board. A dart that hits outside the outer wire or falls off the board does not score any points. Scores on the dartboard range from one to 20 points, based on the numbered sections on the board. Circular wires subdivide the individual sections, resulting in single, double and triple score areas.

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For a dart to score any points, it must land within the area enclosed by the outer wire. Darts that hit one of the large portions of any of the numbered sections score the points that align with that section. A dart that hits the thin inner portion, which is roughly midway between the central circle and outer wire, scores triple the value of points for the given section. A player whose dart hits the thin outer portion scores double the points allotted for the section.

The center circle consists of two rings: an outer green and a black or green inner circle, known as the “double bull.” A dart that hits the double bull scores 50 points. The bull's-eye refers to the either the entire center circle or the inner section. Players throw three darts per turn, with their combined maximum score being 180 points.

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