How Do You Get Free Pogo Tokens?


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Users can get free Pogo tokens on different websites, such as PogoCheats.net, Badge Hungry and Free Pogo Tokens. Free Pogo Tokens offer visitors many opportunities to receive free tokens, club memberships, gems and downloadable Pogo games.

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PogoCheats.net offers users free Pogo tokens for visiting websites or loading the game on a particular day. For example, visitors receive 25,000 tokens for visiting the Hidden Agenda page. Users receive 5,000 tokens for subscribing to a Pogo newsletter. Visitors can earn 9,000 tokens every week just for loading other games, including Amazing Adventures, Slingo Blast and Stack 'Em on Thursdays, and 3,000 for loading those games on any other day. This website also offers a special tool called Token Grabber that will automatically load all the pages with free token offers one by one, so users can collect all the available free tokens in one click. Before starting the algorithm, users have to make sure that they are logged into their Pogo account.

Badge Hungry has some of the offers that are same to those of PogoCheats.net, but it has some unique ones as well. For example, in addition to Hidden Agenda, users can also receive 25,000 tokens for loading the Scrabble Android page. The website also offers other Pogo items, such as gems, for free or at a discount price.

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