What Is the Plot of the "GTA V" PC Game?


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The plot of "Grand Theft Auto V" centers on three playable characters who are career criminals. After a bank heist, the three are drawn into committing crimes for rogue government agents.

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Players begin the game as Michael De Santa, a former professional bank robber who has become wealthy and entered witness protection after providing information on former partners. Michael is drawn back into a life of crime after he destroys a mansion belonging to a Mexican drug lord in a fit of rage over his wife's infidelity.

Through a chance encounter, Michael partners with the game's second playable character, Franklin Clinton. Franklin is a former gang member who works as a professional wheel man for robberies. After the two perform a high-profile jewelry robbery, Michael is tracked down by the third player-character, a former accomplice of his named Trevor Philips.

The player alternates taking on missions that advance the story of each of the three characters. Missions can be taken on at the player's own pace as he explores the game's open world. The three main characters are eventually forced to work together by rogue agents from the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB), the game's stand-in for the FBI. They take on successively more complicated and dangerous heists under the direction of the corrupt FIB agents, even as they plan to extricate themselves from the situation.

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