Does Playing "Bloons Tower Defense 5" Help With Math Skills?


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“Bloons Tower Defense 5” helps kids with their math skills because it requires them to use money to buy and sell towers to complete the game. The title is one of the educational games that kids can play on the math arcade website Cooler Math Games.

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When players start a new game on the medium difficulty level, they have $650. The only tower available to players at that time is the Dart Monkey, which costs $200. Players have to decide if they want to spend all of their funds buying three Dart Monkeys or buying one or two and saving up for new towers that they unlock, though the new towers cost more money. Gamers earn money for each Bloon they pop, and there's a money bonus at the end of every stage.

Players have to plan out the towers that they buy very carefully because they don't get back the full amount of money that they initially paid when they sell them. As a tower pops Bloons, it gains experience, which increases its levels. As a tower levels up, players have the opportunity to buy new upgrades to make that tower more efficient. The goal of the game is to survive 65 rounds. Players start with 150 lives and lose one life for every Bloon that they don't pop.

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