How Does a Player Log in to Minecraft?


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A player logs in to Minecraft by typing in her email and password into the game launcher, which is available for download at Minecraft.net. To play the game, the player must have an existing Mojang account, along with either an active or premium version of Minecraft.

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A player can register for a Mojang account directly through the launcher or by visiting the official Mojang website, Mojang.com. Once the player has signed up for her account, she is required to activate the account by verifying her email. Lastly, in order to play Minecraft, the player must have a valid Minecraft serial key, which can be purchased in the Mojang store.

Once the player downloads and installs the game launcher, she is required to enter her credentials in the appropriate fields. If the player created her account prior to November 2012, she has a Minecraft account and logs in with her original user name and password. However, if the player migrated the Minecraft account to a Mojang account or created the account after November 2012, she logs in with her Mojang email and password. In case of a forgotten password, the player can reset it by entering her email on the Mojang website.

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