How Do You Play the Zombie Edition of the Game "Falling Sands"?


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Play the online game "Falling Sands" by creating a ground on which falling zombies may land and walk. The game provides you with tools to fill a two-dimensional world with various types of matter and disasters with which to affect the zombies and other elements.

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"Falling Sands" is a sandbox-style game, which means that it features no concrete scoring mechanism or set of goals that lead to any win condition. Instead, the game allows you to experiment with several creation tools and watch how different items interact with each other. The game is about experimentation and interactivity rather than winning or completing. This is evident in the various creation options, found on the left side of the screen.

The main gameplay area is a black screen with a continuous stream of falling white stick figures moving from the top to the bottom, meant to inform the player that the game features a simple gravity system. These figures are the zombies. To begin, use one of the solid tools, such as Steel or Rock, to create a ground. When the zombies land on the ground, they walk mindlessly back and forth. You are then able to use other items to interact with the zombies, such as using the fire to burn them.

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