How Do You Play the "Zendaya Dress Up Game"?


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To play the "Zendaya Dress Up Game," visit DressUpGames.com, type Zendaya into the search box near the top of the page, and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. Click on the animated picture of Zendaya. Once the game loads, click on the Play button.

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Zendaya appears beside a closet filled with dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories. On the bottom right-hand side of the page are three buttons. The first button shows two arrows in opposite directions and resets the model. The next button is a check mark and removes the closet once Zendaya is dressed. The final button is a square with missing sections and puts the game in full-screen mode.

To dress Zendaya, click on the desired piece of clothing, wig or accessory, and drag it to the doll. Place the item in the correct spot, and drop it. The piece gets larger and then settles on Zendaya. To remove an item, click on it, and drag it back to the closet, or click on the Start Over button on the bottom of the page. If a dress or shirt needs another shirt underneath, place the new item of clothing on Zendaya, and then click the bottom of the dress or the prior shirt. The new shirt now appears underneath the dress.

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