How Do You Play Yugioh?

How Do You Play Yugioh?

How Do You Play Yugioh?

To play Yu-Gi-Oh!, learn the various card types, read the card instructions and place cards correctly on the field of play. You need two decks of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, two players and instructions. Learning the card game takes plenty of playing time.

  1. Learn the card types

    Learn the different card types in Yu-Gi-Oh! by going through your purchased deck. The three card types are monster cards, spell cards and trap cards. Spell cards cause effects on the playing field, trap cards trigger specific situations and monster cards are the primary player cards.

  2. Read the cards

    Each card in Yu-Gi-Oh! has several attributes listed on the card. Recognize these characteristics by locating the card name, the card type, the description, the effect on spell or trap cards, and the tribe and level of monster cards. Monster cards have more features than spell or trap cards.

  3. Place cards on the field

    The Yu-Gi-Oh! playing field is made of zones. There's the monster card zone, the field card zone, the graveyard zone, the deck zone, the spell and trap card zone and the extra deck zone. The monster card and spell and trap card zone indicate where these cards go. Defeated cards go in the graveyard, while decks go in the deck zones. The field card zone gets cards that affect the entire field of play.