How Do You Play Xbox 360 Minecraft Seeds?


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There is no game called "Minecraft Seeds" for the Xbox 360. However, players can use world generator seeds to influence the layouts of the randomly generated game worlds or plant actual seeds to grow plants.

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"Minecraft" uses a random algorithm when building the game world. As such, each time the player begins a new game, the game world is completely different. The game first creates what is called a seed to generate randomness and then uses the seed as the basis of the game world. Therefore, players can affect the outcome by entering a seed manually. Seeds consists of numbers and characters.

The seed -1117816657125390683 populates the map with multiple villages, desert temples, jungle temples, witch huts and dungeons. The seed also places diamond ore blocks in abundance. Three of the villages have a blacksmith chest, and all temples have valuable items such as emeralds and gold.

Alternatively, a "Minecraft" seed may refer to an actual seed used to grow plants in the game. The player must first find seeds by destroying tall grass. Then, he must make a wooden hoe and sow the land. With the land ready for cultivation, the player can right click while holding a seed to plant it. Planted seeds require water and sunlight to grow.

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