How Do You Play World of Warships?


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To play World of Warships, a player needs to download the game from wargaming.net, create a free account, choose a warship, and then begin to play. As progress is made in the game, a wider variety of better quality ships become available.

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World of Warships is an arcade-style naval combat game. When beginning to play, access to ships is limited to a small number of beginner ships. To progress, a player needs to engage in battles to destroy other ships. The more actively a player becomes involved in the battles, the more quickly experience and currency are gained. A combination of experience and currency are required to unlock access to ships and upgrades.

A captain can be assigned upon the purchase of a ship. Each ship purchased can have its own captain and each captain can be trained in a specialized manner. Experience allows the captain to gain skills that benefit the player. The captain can be moved from ship to ship as a player progresses through the game.

Currency allows the purchase of ships and ship upgrades. It also pays for ship repairs, ammunition and similar items in the game. Currency earnings increase through game progression in a linear fashion as ships, ammunition and other items also become more expensive.

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