How Do You Play the World's Biggest Pac-Man?


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The "World's Biggest Pac-Man" is available to play at WorldsBiggestPacMan.com, as of 2015. The site offers the game and a maze creator tool, although creating mazes requires the user to log in with Facebook first.

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To play the game, visit the WorldsBiggestPacMan.com home page, and click anywhere on the main screen to play. If a Facebook login prompt pops up, you can either log in and play, or click Play for Fun to play without logging in.

Most of the game follows the same rules and objectives as "Pac-Man." The player's goal is to move Pac-Man over all the pellets in a maze, to eat them without touching any of the four ghosts. If Pac-Man touches a ghost, the player loses a life. Eating all the pellets in a maze clears that maze. Eating a power pellet turns all the ghosts blue for a brief period of time, which allows Pac-Man to eat them.

The main differences between the World's Biggest Pac-Man" game and the standard "Pac-Man" game are the mazes and the tunnels. Users design custom mazes, so they are different than the standard "Pac-Man" maze. Instead of tunnels transporting Pac-Man to the opposite of the maze, tunnels in "World's Biggest Pac-Man" transport Pac-Man to a different maze. Each maze has its own ghosts, and they don't follow Pac-Man from maze to maze. Pac-Man can leave and return to unfinished mazes.

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