How Do You Play "Word Whomp"?


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From the six letters displayed on screen, create as many words from the six given letters as possible by typing each word and pressing Enter. You do not need to use every letter available to create a word, but the words must be at least three letters long.

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Players can adjust their skill levels from the main menu. It is easier to find words on lower levels, but playing on a high skill level allows players to earn more points. Finding words advances the gopher at the bottom of the screen. When he reaches the "spin" carrot, a spinner appears, which provides a chance to win the jackpot once the round ends. After this point, longer words are worth more points. Get as many words as you can before the timer runs out to maximize your score.

The brackets at the top of the screen designate all the words that can be made from the given letters. They fill with letters each time the player enters a word correctly. The words are arranged in alphabetical order, so if you are stumped, you can try to guess which letters the missing words begin with. Another tip is that the game counts both the singular and plural forms of words, which can be extremely valuable if "s" is one of the given letters.

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