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"WolfQuest" places players in the role of a wild wolf living in Yellowstone National Park, and as of March 2015, the game is divided into two episodes with different objectives. The first episode focuses on exploring, hunting and findings a mate. The second episode focuses on establishing a den.

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Players begin the first episode by creating their personal wolf avatar. The episode takes place on the slopes of the Amethyst Mountain, which must be explored to find game such as elk. Players have a limited time to find food, or they gradually grow weaker and die. When a herd of elk is found, players have to determine which is the weakest and chase it while also avoiding its attacks. Coyotes and grizzly bears may also interfere. Aside from eating regularly, players must also follow wolf scent trails and use appropriate behaviors to attract a mate.

In the second episode, the player must find a den in the Slough Creek area and raise pups. The den must be protected from other wolves as well as predators who try to eat the pups. The pups must also be fed and trained. Players have to continue hunting for food in the midst of maintaining their den.

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