How do you play Wolf Quest?


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Players play "Wolf Quest" by taking on the role of a wolf avatar in the game to explore the open world game that is set in the Amethyst Mountain in Episode 1 and in Slough Creek in Episode 2. "Wolf Quest" players can also use their avatar to experience elk hunting by following scent trails and attacking a chosen prey. Other animals that a player wolf avatar can interact with include coyotes, grizzly bears and other wolves.

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"Wolf Quest" players can find an in-game mate for their wolf avatar in Episode 1 of the game. Episode 2 players can also enjoy the additional gameplay option of protecting their pups from various in-game enemies while searching for a safe den. Episode 2 of Wolf Quest features a winter setting with the stated aim of finding a safe den site to create a territory that can be protected in the spring for the wolf pack.

"Wolf Quest" also offers a multiplayer mode for up to five different players in either a private or public session. Multiplayer "Wolf Quest" games can be set in either Slough Creek and Amethyst Mountain and features the same activities as the single player version. Players in the same session can also converse with each other using the chat function.

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