How Do You Play Wolf Games With Kids?

A common wolf-themed game played by children is "The Good Shepherd and the Wolf". The rules are similar to the children's game "Duck, Duck, Goose". All players except for one sit in a circle on the floor about an arm's length apart to begin the game.

The one player outside the circle is the wolf. The players sitting in the circle are the sheep, until the wolf names one of the sheep as the shepherd. The wolf walks around the circle, tapping the heads or shoulders of the children as he walks by, saying "sheep." When the wolf decides who is going to be the shepherd, he taps them and says "shepherd." The shepherd then stands up and chases the wolf around the circle.

The wolf wins the game if he is able to sit down into the shepherd's open spot in the circle without being caught by the shepherd. If the wolf wins, the shepherd becomes the wolf for the next game. If the shepherd catches the wolf, the wolf must try again and name a new shepherd.

"What's the Time, Mr. Wolf" is another wolf-themed children's game. In this game, the child picked as "Mr Wolf" stands with his back to the other children. The others ask Mr. Wolf what time it is, as they inch closer to Mr. Wolf. He can answer with any time he wishes, eventually saying "dinner time." At this point, Mr. Wolf chases the other children back to their starting point. The first child caught before reaching the starting line becomes the next Mr. Wolf.