How Do You Play "Winx Club: Dress Me Up"?


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Play the game "Winx Club: Dress Me Up" by using the mouse to customize either a male or female character from the television show "Winx Club." After creating your character, choose from different backgrounds and scene options to take and save photos.

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The majority of gameplay in "Winx Club: Dress Me Up" revolves around character customization. At the start of the game, you have the option to choose from one of two genders for your character, though there is only one general body structure and type for each gender. This stage also allows you to choose a skin color for your character before moving on to customizing the facial structure. Facial customizations include several options for eye and nose shape as well as hairstyles and makeup.

The next customization phase includes picking a wardrobe and accessories for the character. Finally, name your character by either entering in a custom name or using one of the randomly generated names the game provides. After completing the customization, you have the option to save the character or create a new one. If you save the character, you can place her in different backgrounds with various pet options and save the placement for review in the game's dressing room menu.

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