How Do You Play "Wild Wild Taxi"?


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To play "Wild Wild Taxi," use the arrow keys and space bar to control the taxi and reach the target distance for each level. Use the up and down arrows to accelerate or decelerate, and use the left and right arrows to steer. Press the space bar to jump.

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Each level has a certain distance that must be covered within a particular time frame before advancing to the next level. For example, for Level 1, you must cover 5000 meters within 30 seconds. For Level 2, you must cover this distance within 29 seconds. Cover it in 28 seconds in Level 3, 27 seconds in Level 4, and so on.

Clusters of moving cars are set up at various intervals as obstacles. Depending on the number of cars and the tightness of their arrangement, use the left or right arrow to move to an empty lane, or use the space bar to jump over the cars. Hitting other cars reduces your speed drastically, so it is important to jump over them quickly and accurately. If you do hit a car, press the down arrow to decelerate the taxi. This maneuver puts enough distance between the taxi and the other car for you to jump over the other car.

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