How Do You Play the "Wheely 2" Game?


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Gamers use the computer mouse to solve puzzles in “Wheely 2.” Solving the puzzles takes a variety of skills, such as problem solving and quick reflexes. The goal of the game is for the player to aid Wheely in his quest for love.

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The goal of each stage in “Wheely 2” is to get Wheely to the exit without crashing. Players click on Wheely to get him to move. Clicking him a second time makes him stop. Gamers receive a score on each stage based on how quickly they can get Wheely to the exit. The score starts at 500 and continues to drop until Wheely makes it to the end of the stage, which is usually marked with a flag.

Gamers can interact with other objects in the environment to help them solve the puzzles. The puzzles are often based on physics, which requires the player to shift the entire stage to get Wheely to the exit. Some stages require that the players control other vehicles, such as RC cars and helicopters to solve puzzles.

In between each stage, the player receives a short animation that tells a bit more of Wheely's story and how he arrived at his new location. Over the course of the game, players solve puzzles in warehouses, ships, planes and the jungle.

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