How Do You Play "Whack Your Ex" Online?


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"Whack Your Ex" is a Flash game that is hosted by several online gaming sites, including SilverGames, WhackIt and GamesBox. To start the game, players must choose whether they want to play as the male or female character. The player then uses his mouse to click on the weapon that he wants to use against his adversary, and the screen shows an animation of the game's main character seriously injuring or killing his former girlfriend or boyfriend.

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The only piece of computer equipment needed to play "Whack Your Ex" is a standard mouse or laptop tracking pad. There are 17 weapon options in total, ranging from an innocent laptop to a deadly rocket launcher. Not all of the weapon attacks lead to serious bodily injury; in fact, some just inflict emotional harm on the other character. For example, choosing the shoe as a weapon triggers an animation sequence where the game's male character steals and burns the female character's shoe collection.

Whack Your Ex markets itself as an anger management game with which players can take out their frustrations on or seek revenge against their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. The game's taglines are "Cheaper and funnier than therapy" and "Relieve stress without harming a soul."

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