How Do You Play Whack Your Boss?


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To play "Whack Your Boss," click on one of the on-screen items to use it as a weapon. The game is available on WhackYourBoss.com and as a smartphone application on the Google Play store, as of 2015. It has graphic cartoon violence and the application is rated mature.

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To start the game, visit WhackYourBoss.com and click the Play button. The game begins with your character's boss entering the cubicle and criticizing him. At any point, click one of the cubicle items, such as the cabinet door, briefcase, stapler or the wall. The game then plays an animation where the character uses that item to attack his boss.

After the character whacks his boss, an ending animation plays. The ending animation varies depending on the item used, although many items have the same ending animations. Ending animations include the character listening to a relaxation tape on headphones, sitting in a relaxed pose on his chair or playing games on his computer. During the animation, the game displays a Cleaner button. When you click the button, a character in a dark suit appears and cleans up the cubicle, and the game restarts.

The game tracks how many methods you've used to whack the boss, and lists the total amount of possible methods. Once you use every possible method, the game displays a screen that says "You Win," and shows your character dreaming of all the ways to whack his boss.

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