How Do You Play "Whack Your Boss 3"?


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Play "Whack Your Boss" games on websites such as gamesbox.com, or download them from the Google Play store on Android devices. To complete the game, users must find all of the ways to successfully whack the boss using items found in-game.

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Inspired by the Doodie cartoon series, a whole generation of games is dedicated to sufficiently venting anger in cyberspace in the form of “whacking” your boss, ex or teacher.

"Whack Your Boss" gameplay involves a crudely drawn office filled with computer components, filing cabinets, trash can, cupboards and office supplies. The boss walks into the room with a pile of papers, presumably asking you to do something, and it's your job to find a way to whack him. Items that can be used to whack the boss turn orange as you hover over them with the mouse. A click results in an animated sequence detailing how to whack the boss with that particular item.

The goal is to find all the creative ways to whack the boss with office equipment. Once an animation sequence has been triggered, users must click the Cleaner button to reset the room and restart the boss walking into the office sequence. Each unique method of whacking the boss is recorded in the top center of the game screen. The third installment of "Whack Your Boss" contains 24 ways to whack the boss.

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