How Do You Play "Warrior Cats" Games Online?


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The game "Warrior Cats," officially known as “Warriors Hunting Game,” is available to play on NeoDelight.com and other arcade websites. In this game, players take control of one of four cats and try to survive as they battle through four hunting levels.

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“Warriors Hunting Game” requires players to use a computer keyboard to control the cat. The right arrow moves the cat to the right, while the left arrow slows it down. The up arrow makes the cat jump, and pressing the up arrow and space bar together allows it to catch prey.

In each stage, players have to catch a certain amount of prey and avoid many dangerous enemies and objects while hunting. Each stage offers a different type of prey to hunt and a different enemy to avoid. For example, the first stage is the WindClan territory, and players have to catch rabbits while avoiding angry dogs.

Once a stage begins, players have a time limit. If they don't catch enough prey before time runs out, the game is over. They also begin the game with five lives and lose one every time they touch an enemy or an object. If they run out of lives, the game ends.

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