How Do You Play the "My Virtual Pet" Game?


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Play the Android game "My Virtual Pet - Cats and Dogs" by caring for a virtual pet through actions such as feeding, grooming and training it to perform tricks. The game also features several minigames that incorporate the pet, such as spotting differences between scenes or saving it from fleas.

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After downloading and installing "My Virtual Pet - Cats and Dogs" onto an Android device, launch the game to complete the initial pet-creation process. This involves choosing either a cat or a dog to serve as your primary pet, and selecting from the available appearances. The bulk of the gameplay consists of virtually recreating the different aspects of caring for a pet, such as giving it baths and grooming it, as well as cleaning up after it. This process also includes choosing different foods to feed to the pet as well as teaching it tricks.

The rest of the gameplay focuses on different smaller games that don't actually affect the growth or happiness of the pet. One game, called "Odd One Out," presents two images of the same scene with minor differences. It is up to you to identify the differences in each scene. Other games test memory skills or feature simple quick response gameplay. Each game, along with the caring aspects, helps teach about the aspects of caring for a pet.

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