How Do You Play "Vehicles" at Cool Math Games?

How Do You Play "Vehicles" at Cool Math Games?

To play the game "Vehicles," go to the website Cool Math Games. Click on vehicles to make them drive. Remove all the dark-colored vehicles to beat levels.

  1. Go the website

    To find the game "Vehicles," go to the Cool Math Games website. You need a Flash plug-in for the game to work.

  2. Click a car

    Click on a car to make it start moving. Click the car again to make it stop moving. The cars do not stop immediately. If your car falls off the strip of road, you lose the level and must start again. A new level is unlocked each time you complete a level.

  3. Remove the dark vehicles

    The goal of all the levels of the game is to remove all the dark-colored vehicles from the screen. You may click on a dark vehicle to make it drive off the road. Some larger dark vehicles cannot be driven by clicking on them. To get rid of those vehicles, ram them with a light-colored rescue vehicle.

  4. Drive by signs

    Drive your vehicle into a red sign with a white arrow on it to change the direction of your vehicle. Remove black-and-white striped blocks by clicking on them. Red-and-white striped blocks disappear when your vehicle crosses a small red box. Get rid of iron blocks by driving into them at high speed.

  5. Park in green zones

    To get more points, park your vehicle in the green parking zones.