How Do You Play "Uphill Rush"?


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Play the game "Uphill Rush" by using the arrow keys to accelerate and rotate the player character as it travels through each level. The goal of each level is to collect as many stars as possible while reaching the end point without crashing.

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To control the player character, use the up arrow to accelerate forward and the down arrow to brake and slow down. The left and right arrows lean the character forwards and backwards, either to perform stunts and earn points or to simply regain balance and avoid crashing. If the character lands on any part of the vehicle other than the tires, such as the head of the driver, the game registers a crash and starts the level over. Each level includes its own hazards, and all levels are timed. If you crash and start again, the previous attempt is shown as a shadow against which you can compare your current attempt.

Every level also includes a minimap which gives you a preview of upcoming terrain types, ranging from small bumps to large hills. Use the space bar to jump over small holes or roadblocks, but large or steep hills often require the turbo boost, which you activate with the "Z" key.

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