How Do You Play Uno Flash?

To start a game of Uno Flash, the first thing to do is to choose either an infinite, 4-second or 6-second time limit. After that setting has been chosen, each player gets dealt seven cards and activates the red button closest to him.

Uno Flash is played the same way as standard Uno, in that when a player no longer has any cards he receives points. All opponents' cards are given to the winner of that round and points are counted. The first player with 500 points wins the game.

The key difference between Uno Flash and standard Uno is that the game unit in Uno Flash automatically selects a player at random. The unit will then randomly choose players, which means that sometimes players will get to go multiple times in a row. After a player has played his card he taps the button and sends the turn to the next player.

The only other difference in Uno Flash is that the reverse card has been replaced by slap cards. When this card is played, the player has to hit the large yellow button on the game unit. All of the other players have to hit their own red buttons. The slowest person has to draw two cards.